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Lost Dutchman's Mining Association Membership For Sale

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Description of Membership

PRICE: $2000


FEES & TRANSFER INFORMATION: The original value of the membership is $5000, currently sold for $3750. There is a $50 transfer fee. Only the LDMA portion of the membership is transferable. A GPAA Lifetime Memebership must be established by the assuming member at the cost of $250. (This must be paid at the time of the transfer). If the assuming member is already a GPAA member the $250 is waived.


There are yearly maintenance dues of $120. Membership is based on the review and approval of the LDMA board, acceptance is not guaranteed.


Once all transfer information is complete and submitted to LDMA it takes about 30 days to process the transfer. Once the transfer is approved the assuming member will receive a membership packet in the mail.


INCLUDED WITH MEMBERSHIP: All members may visit any designated LDMA prospecting camp at any time. Members also receive a lifetime subscription to Gold Prospectors Magazine. Members will also receive permits and membership cards along with newsletters.




What is the LDMA? The LDMA was formed with the purpose of purchasing deeded, patented mining properties for use by its members, and their families.

What makes the LDMA different from other prospecting clubs? Private Property! The LDMA is the only prospecting association that owns private, deeded mining properties.

Can I camp on the properties and how long can I stay? Yes, LDMA properties are open for camping and you can stay for up to six months.

Are there any Facilities? Yes, several of the LDMA properties have restrooms, showers, dump stations and water. The Stanton, Arizona Camp even has electrical hook-ups. Improvements are now beginning on several more camps.

Can I take my family with me? Yes, the LDMA Membership is a family membership.

Do I need to renew each year? No, the LDMA Membership is a lifetime membership.

Is the LMDA membership transferable? Yes, You can transfer or will it to your kids, grand kids or anyone you wish.

Do I still need to renew my GPAA membership each year? No, with the LDMA lifetime membership you maintain a lifetime GPAA membership (not GPAA Gold Life) which includes the Gold Prospector Magazine, the GPAA Mining Guide and the Pick and Shovel Gazette for life!

Where are the Properties? The LDMA now has 14 deeded properties in 9 states including California, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Michigan.

Is the LDMA going to purchase any more properties? Absolutely YES! In fact, the LDMA has just embarked on an aggressive property acquisition program which should yield several new properties over the coming months.

How stable is the LDMA? Will it be around for my children? The LDMA has always operated on an old-fashioned “pay-as-you-go” philosophy. Nearly all of our properties are paid for, that’s stability!

All RV/Camping clubs similar to LDMA have maintenance fees that always seem to increase. Does the LDMA have these fees and do they increase? Yes, LDMA does have a maintenance fee but, it is among the lowest fee of any camping/RV club. The fee never increases, it stays at the same rate as when you first purchased your membership.

gpaa_logo_index1.jpg (Gold Prospector's Association of America Website)

What is the GPAA?

The Gold Prospectors Association (GPAA) was founded in 1968 to preserve and promote the great heritage of the North American Prospector. The GPAA was also dedicated to providing a platform for the exchange of information, presenting an organized voice for recreational and professional prospectors and helping it's members find more gold.

Today, the GPAA has become the world's largest prospecting organization, but their goals haven't changed one bit. Through television, the internet and print media, the GPAA today provides more information and is a more effective organized voice than ever before. GPAA programs provide places to go, local support, free information service and much more.

The History of Lost Dutchman’s Mining Association

The Lost Dutchman’s Mining Association was founded by George, Wilma, Perry and Tom Massie in 1976 to provide places where men, women and their families could meet, prospect and mine for gold. Beginning with one historic gold property, Italian Bar in California’s Mother Lode, the LDMA now has an ever growing number of private properties and claims in several western states and also in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. Lost Dutchman’s private camps and claims boast some of the finest gold reserves and prospecting in this country.
One of the most important considerations when new properties are being evaluated for the LDMA is their gold-producing potential. Exhaustive tests are made in the area to ensure that Lost Dutchman’s members will have continued access to proven gold reserves. Members in past years have reported finding anything from a few flakes of gold to some very large nuggets on our properties.
LDMA members can prospect and/or camp on deeded, patented properties such as Stanton, Arizona, a gold rush town north of Phoenix that is being restored by volunteer members. Or, there’s our Scott River property, deep in the lush forests of northern California, where fog often drifts through the trees. The Klamath River itself provides gold-rich gravels in an unbelievably beautiful setting. An LDMA membership is something that you and your family will enjoy for many years to come.
LDMA members also have access to a multitude of valuable mining claims in some of the West’s richest mining areas. All of the gold that members find is theirs to keep!
The Lost Dutchman’s Mining Association represents more than just prospecting. Join us on holiday outings at historic gold mining camps. Enjoy prospecting and mining seminars, demonstrations, field trips, camaraderie and more!

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing the membership or if you have any questions.

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